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DO YOU THINK OR SUGGEST IF I NEED A REPAIR ON MY ROOF? Curled or rotten shingles, missing shingles, and blistering are all signs that your roof needs attention. Some warning signs of a damaged roof can be difficult to spot and will require a trained eye to spot. Use our no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection to see if your roof needs to be repaired.

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AS A ROOFING CONTRACTOR IN HACKENSACK NJ, YOU MUST BE AWARE OF THE BEST TIME FOR ROOF REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENT. CAN YOU SHARE THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE TIME OF AN YEAR THAT ARE BEST TIME FOR SUCH WORKS? Roofing contractors in Hackensack NJ serve maximum number of clients during the Spring and late fall, so, they can be called the most popular time for roof replacement. But, normal acts of nature don’t deter Elezi constructions from doing its job. Though, we can’t win over Mother Nature but we are surely equipped to do our work regardless of any weather condition. If you have plan to replace your roof during this time of year, call us at +1 201-989-3845 before spring rush begins. About Elezi Construction Construction

Elezi Construction NJ LLC, is the one-stop solution for all your Roofing Renovation, Chimney Renovation & Cleaning, Masonry Repairing. We serve in Oakland, Jersey City, Morristown, Bridgewater, Cranford, Hackensack, and nearby areas.

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